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Health clinic with diverse healthcare. Diverse health care is what weaves us together and it is a learning relationship between patients and providers of care.

Our healthcare clinic represents the tapestry of our communities as it relates to race/ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, immigration status, physical disability status, and socioeconomic level to render the best possible care to our diverse patient populations.

Molèt Health and Wellness, is a primary care, clinic located in Macon GA.

Here you will find a caring healthcare environment that is non-judgmental, diverse, respectful, empathetic, and caring.

Not only a family practice in name but we also form a family like environment.

Caring for our patients and trust in their ability to change has allowed our patients to lower their blood pressure, lose weight, prevent chronic conditions and beat substance use disorders, and heal from wounds of racial and gender abuse.

Our services go beyond there is an in-house lab, same provider every visit, a learning and caring environment, and more. Our aim is providing convenience and a more rewarding healthcare experience.

Providing diverse healthcare in a health clinic that is safe and also, we are trendsetters in healthcare and have put care back in to health.

We are not traditional healthcare in that we take a personalized approach to care, learning about your dreams, goals, and also, all your health concerns while treating and prescribing for all your health related needs.

This personalized approached is not performed in a rushed overbooked environment.

Time is given to your health which is the most valuable and biggest investment you will ever have in this life.

Patients receive expert health care through using a team-based approach where we work together to serve individuals, families, and their communities.

Telephone visits, virtual visit or office visits are available.

Who we are

Also, We work behind and in front of the scenes with other healthcare providers such as counselors, collaborating physicians, social workers, and other health team members.  Diverse healthcare with a common goal.

Team approaches allow our patients to receive quality care, leading to a longer healthier life.

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Excellent Care

Performing excellent, high-quality care while working collaboratively with patients, their caregivers, and outside providers such as social workers, therapist, psychiatrist, collaborating Physician Assistants, Gynecologist, Physical therapist, Physicians, Nurse Practitioners and , other specialist because this is what is needed to accomplish shared goals.

Health Prevention

Health promotion and disease prevention is our top priority

For example: We fix the broken wood on the bridge opposed to waiting for you to fall and then casting, splinting, and performing surgery. We save needless expenses in healthcare and pain and suffering.


Forming partnerships with our patients who are the experts in knowing their bodies and themselves, and experts in our field of healthcare creates healthy people.

This partnership is a team approach between patient and provider and this is where great healthcare decisions are occur.

We have heard the voices in our communities and have lived the experience for over 20 years and the voice is stronger now than then.

Diversity and culture appreciation

We celebrate cultural diversity! This office appreciates the diversity of human beings and does not discriminate based on race, age, religion, ability, marital status, sex orientation, sex or gender identity.

Health is mental, physical, spiritualsocial, cultural, and emotional and what affects one affects all. Each visit is a health visit that looks at more than the physical.


NP Credibility

Excellent Care

NPs are more than just health care providers; they are mentors, educators, researchers and administrators. Their involvement in professional organizations and participation in health policy activities at the local, state, national and international levels advances the role of the NP and ensure that professional standards are maintained.

Low Cost care

Lower Health Care Costs: By providing high-quality care and counseling, NPs can lower the cost of health care for patients.

For example, patients who see NPs as their primary care provider often have fewer emergency room visits, shorter hospital stays and lower medication costs.

Patient Satisfaction

With more than 1.06 billion visits made to NPs each year, patients report an extremely high level of satisfaction with the care they receive.

Healthcare Shortage

Primary Care Shortage Solution: By offering high-quality, cost-effective, patient-centered health care, NPs provide more than 350,000 solutions to the primary care shortage facing America today.

Services We Offer

Molét Health & Wellness, PC provides comprehensive, family-centered care to individuals and their families from two years and up.

Preventative Health Screenings

Our provider facilitates early diagnosis and treatment.

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Laboratory and Blood Tests

We help screen for a specific diseases or conditions.

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Access our healthcare services in the comfort of your homes.

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Check out the health services we offer to you and your family.

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We Are CommittedOur Mission Statement

Our Mission is to increase the Physical, Mental, Spiritual, Social, Emotional, and Environmental Health of all individuals.

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