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Our board-certified nurse practitioner ensures access to the best care possible with expertise in primary care, mental health, and specialty care services for older adults and those living with HIV. Every visit is kept confidential to ensure the privacy of our patients.

At quick glance here are many of our Primary care services:

Start a conversation with a doctor who listens. Whether you have new symptoms or just want to discuss your health and wellness, Molet Health and Wellness, PC is here for you. 

Your doctor of nursing practice is a certified nurse practitioner who listens to you and understands you, so you’ll get the care you need for the whole you — from physical health to mental and emotional health and social, cultural and spiritual.  And, your doctor can help you stay healthy by providing preventive care, finding health concerns early, managing chronic conditions and connecting you with specialty care.

Have a conversation with a primary care Doctor of Nursing Practice for:

  • Annual wellness visits and physicals
  • Questions and concerns
  • Care for minor illness and injury
  • Routine screenings
  • Checkups and sports physicals
  • Care for chronic conditions
  • Medication management
  • Mental and emotional health care
  • Preventive care
  • Senior care
  • Therapy options
  • Vaccinations
  • Well-women exams
  • Weight Loss Manangement:


    It can really help to find a health care professional who has experience in helping people lose weight and make the lifestyle changes needed to keep the weight off. This could be a doctor, nurse, or other provider like a nurse practitioner or physician assistant. Developing a relationship with this person will help improve your chances of long-term success, as they can help you figure out the best plan for you, monitor your process, and provide advice and support along the way.

    Different approaches and plans work for different people, so it’s important to try not to get discouraged and to keep trying until you find something that works for you. Be careful about misinformation online and weight loss clinics with questionable ethics. Nothing out there is magic. Losing weight takes hard work, and keeping it off requires a plan that is sustainable long-term.

We offer an inclusive healthcare system and a welcoming experience for all patients. This includes those identifying as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex, or asexual (LGBTQIA).

We Provide:

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